Danish CLA negotiations with Ryanair subsidiary break down

Negotiations on CLAs for Billund based pilots and cabin crew in Ryanair’s subsidiary Malta Air have broken down.

Representatives of the Ryanair subsidiary Malta Air and FPU have not succeeded in reaching a CLA for the pilots and cabin crew working at the company’s base in Billund.

The latest in a long line of negotiations took place in London last week, but negotiations broke down.

“We have looked into all possible solutions. But it is clear that we continue to be too far apart. That is why we have stopped the negotiations,” says Anders Mark Jensen, Deputy Chairman of FPU, who has spearheaded the negotiations.

Ryanair subsidiary must operate on Danish terms

FPU and Ryanair began negotiations for a possible Ryanair base in Denmark two and a half years ago. In May last year, Ryanair announced that the company would establish a Danish base, and shortly afterwards Ryanair announced to FPU that the subsidiary Malta Air would operate from the base in Billund.

The Billund base opened in October last year with two aircraft, and the pilots and cabin crew at the base are employed by the Maltese subsidiary and not directly by Ryanair.

“We disagree on most things. We want all those who fly out of Billund on Ryanair-colored planes to do so with Danish wages and working conditions. But Ryanair will not commit to that. We are worried that Ryanair will try to use self-employed employees and independent pilots and cabin crew out of Denmark,” says Anders Mark Jensen.

The two parties have previously negotiated with a Danish mediator without any result.

“If Ryanair’s subsidiary wants to be in Denmark and expand, it must take place on Danish terms,” ​​says Anders Mark Jensen.

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