FPU Romania becomes member in ECA: “A historical recognition.”

FPU Romania was yesterday admitted in the European network of pilot organizations, the European Cockpit Association (ECA). According to Secretary General of FPU Romania Mircea Constantin, the admission offers great opportunities for the union in fighting for better working conditions for Romanian pilots and cabin crew.

There was no way of hiding the nerves for the Secretary General of FPU Romania Mircea Constantin, when he yesterday attended a general assembly of the ECA, the European network of pilot organizations. At 11 AM it was time for subject 9 on the agenda, where the further fate of FPU Romania was to be discussed: Should FPU Romania be admitted as a full member of the ECA?

“It is of great importance to FPU Romania whether we are part of the partnership or not. We have fought for a long time to gain the international recognition that it takes to become a member of an organization such as ECA. To be admitted would be a historic event for FPU Romania, ECA and the entire aviation industry,” says Mircea Constantin.

And history was made. FPU Romania was unanimously admitted in the community, which now represents 34 member countries. Since 1991, ECA has united the national pilot associations from all over Europe into one voice. And with more than 40.000 pilots in the organization today, the ECA has quite a voice when it comes to political advocacy and influence in, for example, the European Union.

“I feel complete. It is so satisfying to be able to carry out the responsibility and the task that the members have placed in our organization. We have been welcomed as an integral part of the European aviation network, which makes us even stronger in the fight for better working conditions for Romanian pilots. I am sure that the membership of ECA is a real game-changer for FPU Romania,” says Mircea Constantin.

A new reality for FPU Romania

The admission of FPU Romania in the ECA is a seal of approval of the union’s work and achievements. This is the opinion of Secretary General Mircea Constantin, who sees great strategic advantages in the membership:

“Our membership immediately makes up for the lack of representation of Romanian pilots. It will be much easier to work with ECA members on both our own and our common challenges. We are much stronger together and can share all information with each other. This undoubtedly benefits Romanian pilots. And this applies both in the short and long term,” says Mircea Constantin and continues:

“We have been given an important seat and we intend to be active. This membership gives us the opportunity to exert influence, and we will seize it. We get much closer to the decision-makers in the EU, and in this way, we can ensure that Romania’s perspectives and ideas are both heard and considered.”

According to Mircea Constantin, joining ECA is also a reflection of the union’s great commitments and ambitions:

“Our aim is to elevate the status and well-being of pilots in Romania. They need to know that they are now officially part of the European pilot family and that we have the right conditions to make a significant difference for all our members,” says Mircea Constantin.

An incredible development in just a few years

It was FPU in Denmark and Vice President Anders Mark Jensen, who founded FPU Romania in 2020 after a close collaboration with former cabin crew member Mircea Constantin. Since then, Mircea Constantin has been responsible for the daily work to ensure better working conditions for both Romanian pilots and cabin crew and thus put an end to social dumping in the rest of the continent.

In just a few years, FPU Romania has founded a solid membership base in Romania that is constantly growing. The union has taken major showdowns with airlines such as Hungarian Wizz Air, which has resulted in a series of lawsuits and financial compensations for several members. The efforts have also led a Danish pension company to divest its shares in Wizz Air.

The many victories are a great joy for Anders Mark Jensen, who is also Chairman of FPU Romania. He foresees even greater opportunities with the new membership:

“It is incredible that FPU Romania has joined the ECA so soon. FPU Romania has achieved great results at a local level, but this international recognition is sure to surprise many people. In 2020, many thought it was a dead end, but we have proved them wrong. Now FPU Romania is invited to the biggest events, and they have been given a seat at the most important tables when discussing European aviation. The next step is to get a corresponding international setup on behalf of the cabin crew in Romania.”

FPU Romania is the only organization in Romania to represent both pilots and cabin crew. The union was founded by FPU in Denmark and is still closely affiliated with the Nordic union. FPU in Denmark is also represented in ECA through the Danish Airline Pilot Association (DALPA), where FPU-member Aksel Lytzen is Chairman.

Anders Mark Jensen from FPU in Denmark is pleased with the admission of FPU Romania in the ECA, which will be an important partner for FPU on the international stage:

“With the admission of FPU Romania, there is no doubt that our two organizations have grown stronger and become even closer. FPU Romania and FPU has the same interests, and this gives us completely new opportunities together.”

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